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Tutorial System, Assessment and Examinations, Attendance & Discipline.


The Tutorial System aims to nurture independent thinking and promote research activities in the students. It exposes them to a wider intellectual scholarship and initiates them into the culture of reading. It also helps them develop the art of writing proficiently on various subjects on their own. It keeps students engaged in serious academic works throughout the course. A great deal of responsibilities and opportunities are given to students to learn and do things independently. They are required to do many things on their own such as reading, collecting materials or data, outlining the paper, writing the essay, presenting the paper and participating in discussions, thereby contributing to the training and development of their minds. 


Continuous assessment of students is done through tests, assignments and various other activities. Students’ selection for the End Term University Examinations is based on their performance in these activities. Hence, students will have to be serious and dedicated from the start, keeping in mind that their success will not be determined by a single examination.


Attendance is an integral part of effective education as education is made effective when it is disciplined. So, good attendance is strictly insisted upon. At least 80% attendance in the class is required in order to qualify for the End Term University Examinations. Attendance in every official programmes /activities of the college is compulsory.


Education is an adventure in the quest for excellence and the goal is attained through discipline and hard work. The College realizes the essentiality to guide and discipline students and to orient or initiate them to the desired values. For this, co-operation is sought from the students. They are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined, dignified and responsible manner. Any act, which causes harm to themselves/others or interferes with the effective functioning of the College is considered as a breach of discipline, for which disciplinary actions are taken. Disciplinary action may take such forms as warning (verbal or written), fine, suspension and even expulsion from the hostel/college